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The Easter Egg Cake - Behind The Scenes

Updated: May 14, 2020

Easter is an iconic holiday, and eggs (mainly chocolate) are the star of the show. To pull together the essence of Easter, I created a 6" wide cake that has been carved into the shape of an egg which is 8" in height. I speckled the cake to create an authentic appearance.

The Design has been inspired by a Faberge egg and the intricate ornate design has been hand painted gold.

I used Sweet Stamps lettering for the writing which I also hand painted in gold along with the flowers. The Bow on top also adds a feminine touch and makes everything a little more fun.

The cake itself is a Neapolitan made of 6 sponges (2 vanilla, 2 chocolate, 2 pink vanilla) and is filled with vanilla buttercream, strawberry conserve and milk chocolate ganache. All the sponges and fillings create that comforting indulgent flavour we have grown up with.

Neapolitan is originally a flavour of ice cream, but signature flavours such as this have been incorporated into other desserts due to its popularity. it was named in Naples, Italy in the late 19th century and introduced to the United States. The flavours originally resembled the Italian flag and with influence from American pop culture, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry were used to create this iconic flavour.

This picture showcases the filling, stacking and carving Process that goes into shaping the cake. I then coated the cake in milk chocolate ganache before covering in white sugar paste to airbrushed and fully decorated. All the ornate decorative components are put on the cake before being hand painted.

I Decorate all cake boards in the same theme of the cake so the Vision flows to make the cake a centre piece.

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