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The Ruffle Design

The Ruffle design is becoming a signature style of mine

Ruffle design has been used in cakes for years, it creates texture, drama and intensity especially up against a plainly designed cake. Often used in tier cakes to break the design up.

The Ruffle Ombre effect. This is where the colour weakens or intenesifies. A very classic cake can be used for so many different occasions.

This is a classic Christmas tree cake in a ruffle design using stars as ruffle to create the texture of a real Christmas tree, this cake is a fabulous centre piece and the drama and decor of Christmas is brought to life.

My most recent ruffle cake is in a 3 tier 60th birthday cake. I used the ruffle design in the dress of a silhouette of a lady. The Ruffle tells you that this lady is elegant and glamorous. A real showstopper of a design.

I'm sure I will use the ruffle technique in many cakes to come as it's so diverse and spectacular.

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