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How I Get From Tray to Trainer

Updated: May 14, 2020

3D illusion cakes are my bread and butter, and is something that I have worked on for years. they require time and patience to build and are so satisfying once you hit the nail on the head.

Creating something people love into an edible delight is part of the fun and bringing imagination to life is something that is becoming more prominent in the business.

All you trainer heads out there will be pleased with my latest 3D design, check out the Adidas Gazelle below and comment what your favourite kicks are.

Vanilla velvet was the sponge of choice and is a signature recipe. Just like red velvet it includes buttermilk to make the sponge light, fluffy and just generally awesome.

To create the shape I layered up 3 sponges with an Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream, because; well; everyone loves Oreo (tell me I'm wrong?). Carving the sponges into the trainer shape is the logical next step, right?

This is the point of make or break, carve off more than needed and bosh, ruined. Therefore a lot of care needs to go into this process. Using a big old knife I slice through the sponge into the desired shape, making minute adjustments as I go.

When the shape is looking good and in proportion, I then start to ganache the cake. I do this on all my cakes regardless just because it tastes amazing, and also the ganache will be a smooth surface to ensure the cake holds its trainer appearance.

The "trainer" is now ready for all the finer details to give it that classic gazelle characteristics, like stitching, stripes, and that all important logo.

Once fully designed and covered in that icing everyone loves, the cake is ready to go and the exciting process of delivering to the client begins.

You should check out my Instagram and Facebook page for the most up to date cakes.

Instagram @daisymudpie_marshemllor

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