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The floating wedding cake

This is such a cool cake design, is magical and a bit fantasy yet remaining so stylish and contemporary, I don't think that is a easy combination.

The stand is made up of a z bar design with a 6" disc on top and 8" disc on the bottom, your cakes do have to be very stable and flat to be able to support the stand and then the cake sitting on top. Obviously if your cakes are stacked with no faults it won't be a problem but sponges and buttercream can be tricky especially with your cake is to be come a structure.

To hide the z bar supporting the stand and the cake you have to attach decoration, I have only used sugar flowers which is probably the most difficult, fake flowers would be easier to attach to the bar.

Once finished its A total Centre piece, the floating stand is rented out to the bride and groom, well mainly because why would they want to buy one when they will only use it the once? I then collect the stand the following day and then get ready for me next order.....

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