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Daisy Mud Pie - From The Beginning

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

It's a warm summers day in the South East of England, the birds are singing, the flowers in bloom, and children are playing. Two young boys aged 6 and 3 play in the family garden, enjoying the extra freedom that comes with the exciting summer season. Scooters under feet and grass stains cover their shorts, the proof of a summer well spent.

"Want to make a Daisy Mud Pie?", the elder shouts with enthusiasm to the younger as they play eagerly under the close eye of their mother.

"Sure" the younger shouts back in response.

A beach bucket and spade each is all that is required for such an activity, and now it is time to start concocting what was soon to be named the "Daisy Mud Pie".

The Elder, naturally leads the way, and makes his way round the garden with the younger in tow, adding a combination of mud, daisies, (which must be carefully deconstructed), grass and water. With a quick stir (not shaken) and potentially a few corrections to create the desired consistency, much like when preparing the sponge when baking.

This was the start of a journey, a journey that would not only lead to a very successful career in the art of cooking and baking, but also lead to starting the Daisy Mud Pie brand.

WHO ARE WE? Hi, we are Daisy Mud Pie, "who are Daisy Mud Pie?" I hear you saying, and that's an excellent question, so well done. We are a specialist patisserie and celebration cake provider in Essex. All our cakes are personally baked, designed and decorated in house, using the best ingredients to ensure the products reach the highest standard.


Hi, My name is Mark and Iam the CEO and Founder of Daisy Mud Pie, I have worked in kitchens for the past 15 years, whether that be within hotels, restaurants, corporate suites and events venues. I have built a career based on traditional cooking methods, however in the past 5/6 years I have focused on developing my skills as a patisserie and pastry chef, as this is where my passion lies. I am incredibly passionate about my products, and use this as inspiration for the designs and products I deliver to my customers.

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME Phone: 07906 631273 Email:

Please do contact me using any of the above methods in order to place orders, provide feedback, or to tell me your stories on how well your event or occasion went.

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